Ford Fiesta 05 steering and starting problem, Help

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Hi I have a ford fiesta LX 2005, I have problem with steering and starting on when the engines cold.

Steering problem:

When I start my car in the morning after not having driven it since the night before, or even if I don't drive it for a few hours, my steering wheel has a tight spot at 1oclock when turning right and requires a bit of extra force to move it past that point and it's slightly easier on the way back but the clunk/pop is still there when turning back to the centre position, but as I drive and take maybe 2 or 3 right turns it gets easier until it's not noticeable, this has been going on for a few months now.

Starting problem:

When I start my car in the morning or after not driving it for a few hours, what I turn my key to start the car the engine just ticks but the ticking gets quieter and quieter but won't actually start unless I press my foot on the throttle. I've just done a service which involved changing the fuel filter and spark plugs as those were advised as potential causes for it but the problems still present.

Any help would be appreciated.

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