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Getting a spare key and programming it

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This is not a question. But I am putting this here in case it helps anyone else.

So you have a car (2008 Focus in my brother's case) and only have one key. obviously never good to have one key in case you lose it. 

So you want to have a new spare key, but you can't (easily) program the immobiliser chip in a new key unless you already have two working keys. 

So most people get an auto-electrician/locksmith or someone like Timpsons to make a new key. But we are talking about prices like a hundred quid.

This is how I did it:

OBD code reader from here:      I got the USB modified version  (I actually bought it a couple of years ago - not just for doing this key- everyone should have one). This seller has been recommended many times on this forum which I why I bought from them. 

A windows laptop which i have owned for years.

Instal free software on it called Forscan.  (there are also versions of Forscan for phones/tablets but only the windows version can do the key programming I believe).  You also need to apply for the extended licence, which is also free, to do the key programming.

Then I bought from ebay a key blade which they cut from a photo of the one key I have. 

Then I bought from ebay the electronics part of the key. The part with the buttons on and the circuit board inside and immobiliser chip. BEWARE - a lot of the key parts on ebay are just the plastic shells with nothing inside for people to reshell their keys. Make sure you get one with the gubbins in.  BEWARE - there are different types of immobiser chip - you need the right one for your model/year. eg. 4d60, 4d63 and the bit number.  eg 4d63 80bit. 

Unfortunately I can't give you link to the sellers I used as I bought the bits a few months ago and they have dropped off my ebay history. The cost of the two ebay purchases was about £20 in total.

And then yesterday I got round to programming the key. 

Check the immobiliser chip is correct type. before programming try starting car with new key. From forscan webiste it says if you get fault code B1601 you have the right sort of chip in the key. If you get fault code B1600 it is wrong.  I got fault code B1601 so looking good.

So using 'Ignition Key programming' within the PATS part of Service Procedures in Forscan I succesfully programmed the immmobiliser chip in the key.  DO NOT accidentally use Ignition Key erase.

I then programmed the buttons on the key which does not need anything like forscan as per:

So I hope this gives someone else the confidence to do it . Obviously not so economic if you don't have the OBD code reader or the windows laptop already. 

I am not sure exactly what models this works for.   I am pretty sure I read on this forum that you can't do it for Mk3 Focus onwards. 


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4 hours ago, isetta said:

I successfully programmed the immobiliser chip in the key

Just to be pedantic you actually programmed the PATS system to recognise the immobiliser chip and the central locking to recognise the remote codes.

I'll get my coat . . . . .

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