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Right guys I'm new to all this modding and so on but I've got a fiesta 1.6 tdci zetec s 11 plate I'm looking to upgrade in anyways possible for looks to engine I've recently had it remapped which has made it a bit faster but the noise is awful I want a nice sound not a loud one also is there any way to get even more power any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance 👍


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You'll struggle to get a nicer sound from a diesel...it'll never sound like a petrol.  Open air filter will make it sound even more tractor-like so don't change that, the only thing you can do is change the exhaust, mainly the backbox, but that'll give you a louder noise as well.  Best thing to do is go on youtube and watch some exhaust videos specifically on 1.6TDCis and see which brand you prefer, some are raspy, some are bassy, some are tinny...all depends what you're after.

A remap is the best value for money power increase.  If you want more power now you'll have to start spending money on a bigger/hybrid turbo etc, you would then need to have it remapped again to take advantage of any upgrades.

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