New owner of a MK7 Fiesta ST - CarPlay

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So I have just bought my first car and it's a late 2013 MK7 Fiesta ST-2. Only had it a week and am loving it!

There are a few things I want to change and I have a few questions that I am hoping some of you could answer 🙂

1. Is there any possible way of putting in CarPlay or similar to the car? I am not a fan of the Sony unit and like the idea of CarPlay. 

2. The passenger side window does not have the one touch down/up window but sounds like there is two clicks there - the drivers side has it however. Can this be added?

3. bluetooth audio does not show the track names on the display, just that it's connected to my device. Can this be changed?

4. Any way of extending the arm rest as I feel like it's just an elbow rest at the moment! I have seen an Armster retrofit on Youtube and it doesn't look great!

Thanks and any input is appreciated 🙂 

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3.  You need to upgrade your Sync module to a Sync 1.1 version. These are from post 2015 cars and can be found at breakers or on eBay.

4  there are some extended padded top covers on eBay and sometimes on the Fiesta FB groups. They don’t extend by much to be fair, I guess a lot depends on your driving position. 


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