Metallic strange noise

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mine sounds just the same , with 4000 km mileage so far, I think its completely normal , what you hear is a mix of direct injectors ticking noise and the high pressure fuel pump noise , I think its normal , fiesta ecoboosts have no engine cover , which besides the direct injectors and the high pressure fuel pump inherent noises, makes this engine sound like a tiny diesel  😄😄 , this is the ecoboost my friend, powerful, torquey, and yet as noisy as small diesels 😄😄

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Thank you for your answer 😁


But I'm not talking about the noise of the engine when it is stopped at 900rpm, I speak of the noise when one accelerates a little there is a noise of metal friction between 1200 and 1800 rpm.


We hear it especially when we make maneuvers with the car.


Small gas and you hear loud, it makes a noise as if something was broken, but inside you can hear nothing when the windows are closed.



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