‘02 Maverick battery light stays on?

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I’m stumped. I have a 2002 Ford Maverick 2.0 that I bought so we can go diving (lots of room for all the dive kit, 4 x 4 for when we need it etc). Got it for a good price and obviously it came with a few issues. 

1) Annoying series of beeps every few minutes with no indication on the dash - this turned out to be a broken wire related to the airbag warning light. 

2) Car died on the first day I had it - battery wasn’t being charged and no indication on the dash of any issues. Bought a remanufactured alternator and my mechanic fitted it at the same time as he sorted out the airbag warning. 

3) Replaced the cambelt (108,000 miles and cambelt never been changed by the look of the one we took out...)

The car now charges fine and runs well, however.... the battery light turns on when you turn on the ignition (as it should), goes off when you start the car (as it is supposed to), and then the battery light turns on and stays on after about a minute. Alternator is charging correctly (checked the voltage coming to the battery) but the ***** light won’t turn off. 

We've checked wiring for continuity etc and all good. It gives an error code related to the alternator when you read the codes but the alternator we put in is the only one that is meant to be in the car. It’s the same as the one we took out as well. It has the 3-pin plug for the Smart charge so I know it’s the right one for it. battery is also new  

I am about to take it to the local Ford stealership so they can look at but I am wary that some unscrupulous character will just do a reset or something and then charge me an arm and a leg for replacing a perfectly good alternator.

if anyone has a suggestion of what else I could look at before taking it in that would be very helpful. I am tempted to just drive it as is because I know it won’t leave me stranded but I hate having a car that isn’t mechanically and electrically perfect. 

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