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I  have contacted multiple departments regarding Ford ECAT or ECAT PLUS for independent operators but half the employees at Ford do not know what ECAT is and the other half do not know how you go about subscribing to it.

Their website states you should be able to subscribe to it if you contact your local dealer and I was told by one employee this is at £7 a month.ECAT.thumb.png.0493b024f44bc557da1acb5087d0d2bb.png

I have contacted my local dealer who basically doesn't know anything about this and cannot offer me a subscription.

I am at somewhat of a dead end and maybe just maybe the Ford forums can save me.


Any help or advise would be very welcome at this stage.



Independent operator 

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16 hours ago, eddie eastwood said:

Hi George

Is this the type of thing your after:-

Thanks for your suggestion. This is helpful for understanding the layout of the vehicle but I need the ECAT system more for understanding alternative replacements for engine ECUs and body control modules. Mainly electrical applications. 

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Hi again George

Quote:-    To register, contact your Ford Parts Plus Dealer who will enrol you.

Looking for these Ford Parts Plus Dealer in Essex took me to this:-


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