richie the spod

1990 2 Ltr inj DOHC Sierra Ghia Hatchback

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Does anybody know if it is possible to have an air conditioning unit fitted to this model. I read in a Haynes Manual that some models could have it fitted, but they didn't say which. I realise it would be expensive, but it would be worth it for me. 

I only use the car to drive to france in the summer, and the heat can get unbearable when I go down to the south of the country. 

Hope somebody can help.

Thanks a lot


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Yes it is possible, a friend of mine fitted AC to my old Sapphire, mine was the Sapphire Azura with a 1.6 pinto engine as standard, I fitted a 2l DOHC engine in it and he fitted power steering and AC to it for me, so yeah, it's definitely possible, but I already had the parts and he charged nothing for doing it lol

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