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Upgrade GPS map from F5 to F8

Jens Krogsgaard

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Hello forum

I have an Ford C max model 2015 installed with Sync 2 and the F5 map on a sd card.

I ordered an upgrade map from my Ford dealer and last week I received F8 map on so card. I have installed the new sd card - in the beginning the system did not work proper. The pop up with “Calculating route” did not disappear- and the route was not calculated correctly. I switch to the old card and after a few tests it work ok. I changed to the new card and again after a few tests it seems to work ok. 

My question is - is F8 card compatible with Sync 2 ? I think I read somewhere that it require sync version 3.2

Screen dump from system information



Jens Krogsgaard, Copenhagen Denmark 

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Surely it must be compatible as it's on a card? Sync 3 doesn't use SD cards. Mind you, it is Ford Technology so I may be making a huge assumption!

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