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Ford Focus

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Hi, im just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding my ford focus 1.8 Zetec petrol. There seems to be a problem which is causing the rev counter to bounce everytime the car is placed into neutral and im not to sure what the problem could be that is causing this to happen. 

Any advice wouldn be great.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Ryan,

I am currently experiencing a similar issue with my 2007 Mk2 Focus Zetec Climate.

The revs will bounce or the car will stall when breaking at low speeds, when I press the clutch in or knock the car into neutral until the car has come to a complete stop.  My engine management light is lit and when I got it scanned, the error code was related to the air intake manifold (the bit that regulates the amount of air getting put into the engine to mix with the fuel).

I am still investigating whether this is due to a faulty sensor or a faulty unit meaning the full manifold will need replacing..  my car is also experiencing a lack of power when starting off and higher revs as a result of the above.



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