Focus 2014 Window problem

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Hi all!

Ford Focus

So today i went to start the car and the immobiliser kicked in, tried it a few times and it didnt work so i managed to get a jump and boom car was fine.

since i got the jump the windows havent went up or down, they were able to go up and down when i was trying to start the car at first.

checked all the fuses and cant find anything wrong.

any help would be great smile.png


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If it was fixed with a jump it was a low battery rather than an immobiliser fault, you might find the battery is on it's way out.

Jump starts can cause spikes that damage electronics on modern cars but as its just windows I reckon it is a fuse blown, definitely worth double checking them carefully.  If not you're potentially looking at a damaged GEM which won't be cheap to fix.

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Do you mean the windows won't move at all, or just that one-touch up/down isn't working?

If the battery was flat then that resets the window position, so it has to be re-learnt for one-touch and global open/close.

Also I was told, it's fine to jump start, but you should use the donor car as just a portable battery, i.e. without the engine running, to avoid spikes.

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