Ford Focus 2012 Is on Drugs... Also Won't Start When Hot

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I have a Ford Focus 2012 SEL, everything was working great. My battery died and I replaced it, and some days after weird things started happening. Once suddenlyy the card start flicking a bit and said that Transmission was not on P (it was). I went to put gas on it and it just didn't even attempt to try to turn the ignition on, also I was hearing a lot of clicking sounds and a lot of lights inside the cart started flicking like crazy. (Gonna attach YouTube links to the videos).

So suddenly it started again after like an hour waiting. Next everything was fine, but after a while the car started turning off the engine out of nowhere and saying "Car is not on P". After several attempts, we changed the positive terminal and everything was fine for a while. The same issue started happening and I realized that if I left the car keys inside on ON position and moved, pushed and pulled the battery box (not the actual battery, but the box surrounding the battery) the car would start ignition out of nowhere, so we arranged the battery box to be completely sealed and seemed work.


Two days later, the car starts fine, but just after parking and turning the car off, the ticking no start error starts and I can make it start by moving the positive terminal. We changed the cables, cleaned the terminal, and also the fuse terminals that connect to the battery. The car will start just fine, but will get crazy just after turning it off for some reason.

I am really desperate as it is really obnoxious and I am afraid the car will turn off again out of nowhere while driving with it. Any help please?

Videos of the inside of the car. Seems like a party is going on inside there.



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