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2008 Focus RS Cluster Issue.

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Yes i know its been mentioned so many times before. Cluster in this car as been repaired. Still engine malfunction. Replaced the clocks for another set. Coded to the car of course 

Still the same problem. Car starts but will not respond on the throttle. Sometimes it will. 


PCM looks ok no signs of damage and no fuses blown. 

IC - repaired. 

under hood fuse box. Not yet checked. Due to having no rain for a while and this problem only happened last saturday with +30 heat i doubt water is to blame. is there anywhere

else i can look that may cause this problem.  Ive been to so many being in diagnostics. normally the clock repair cures 99% of these and its then fine. But this one is turning out to be a nightmare.  Ive had the radio out to see if that was pulling the canbus around also unpluged the ABS pump and still no comms with PCM 

Keyless start so where are the antennas for the key could they be the issue.  Dead pcm ?  everything works even starts no throttle. Throttle body ok. 

Engine ECU fried. ?  some heads up would be good and give me more areas to look. Im 50yrs old so please dont be too technical. I can check a unit if you give a location. 

Thank you. 


Tools in use.

Autel MS908P

Autel DS808 pro 



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