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Paint Repair

Focus Dave

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Hi all,

I have damage on my focus bonet, two areas approx 3cmx3cm where a lorry kindly flicked up a large stone on the motorway. I have patched this up by applying primer and building up paint layer, sanding, painting, etc so that was flat. However no matter what i do, i can not get the paint to even closely resemble the surrounding paint.

The paint is moondust silver.

Bodyshop has said the only way to fix this is to do a complete re-spray. I just about collapsed when he told me the price.

Does anyone have good links for how I might be able to make this damage look better? I'm not looking for perfection, just something that doesnt look like i have been colouring in on my car ;)

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Do you have pictures of the damage? If its not too bad maybe a good machine polish would blend it in.

because its silver the old paint has bheen weathered and faded over time so new paint will show up no matter how you do it you need a good car paint shop that supplies paint and to take it in they have swatches so they can match the paint to the more weatherd look thats as close as it will be without a full spray http://auto-paint.co.uk/carpaint/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=6 in fife theres fife auto paint you simply drive in they match the paint and make up what you need Halfords or fords moondust silver as standard wont match right get a smart repair or chip repair guy from the yellow pages they will do it at 40 quid a panel and will match the paint and buff etc

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