Ford Focus Mk2 DPF Error Code P2463 'DPF - Excessive Soot Accumulation'

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4 minutes ago, Stophen said:

I am slightly dreading now what I will find!

The codes are intended to help, not to frighten!

Unfortunately they can often be a bit confusing if there are several, but saving the log file, then deleting them to see what returns and when can narrow problems down.

To set up Forscan to log data, you first have to connect to the car. Then click on the graph icon at the side, then on the spikey wheel (set up all gauges) at the bottom. This should display a list of available PIDs (readings) for your car. You select a few to log by clicking on them, then press an arrow button which moves them into another column. Then save. Once set-up, this can be used multiple times. A typical set of PIDS would be APP (accelerator), RPM, MAP (boost pressure), MAF (air flow), DPF_DP. time or km since last regen should also be available if wanted, and quite a few others. Selecting too many can be counter productive, the replay display gets confusing, and logging time accuracy may be compromised as the amount of traffic on the data bus increases.

To run a log while driving, first (while parked!) ensure the computer can be securely located, with the cable safely run to it. Check the list of PIDs, then press the start button. It does not matter which display mode (dashboard, scope or table) is used, this can be changed on replay. Then just drive for up to about 30 mins (it can do longer, but navigating in the data gets clumsier with big files), with a full range of engine use from idle to full power & cruising. Stop & park, press the Stop button, then press the save button and save with a suitable name.

This data can then be replayed and analysed at leisure. Screenshots, or whole data files can be posted on this site, though you have to change the name of the file to end in .txt in order to upload it here.

.I have examples somewhere, but am away from home at the moment, my crib flle with the links is on my desktop 200 miles away!

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Wow, thanks @Tdci-Peter for this great guide!

When my stuff arrives I'll give it a go and hopefully can find out what is going on under the hood.

Thanks again for all our help so far!


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