Problem Communicating with PCM

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Hi all,

I need some help with a couple of things, but I'll try to keep this post brief.

I have a 2008 Ford Focus Mk2 with nearside front fender accident damage.


1)  No start / No crank.

2)  I had to buy new keys which are not yet PATS programmed, as the car did not come with keys, but central locking works.

3)  PCM cover damaged, but PCM and connectors look to be intact and pins/sockets clean.

4)  PCM connector in engine fuse box looks ok.

5)  battery appears to be good, and can be fully charged.

6)  Starter motor is ok as I provided 12V trigger signal which cranked the engine and seems ok.

7)  Unable to find fuel reset inertia switch behind driver's side trim, it's not in passenger side either.

😎 Visible Earth points seem to be tightly connected and no obvious loose connections.  Continuity checked.

9)  I have a bbfly ELM327 USB V1.5 FTDI Chip OBD2 Auto Diagnostic Scanner, which connects to ForScan ok, but won't talk to PCM.

10)  With ignition on, OBD II port 12V supply is good (pin 16).  

11) I tried measuring the CAN HI/LO voltages on the OBD II port, but got around 2.7V on both pins on one day, and weird voltages above 5V
      on another day.  I'll need to recheck these when I can.  At no point was I able to communicate with PCM.
12) I have 2 manuals from emanualonline which seem to only cater for the US version of the Focus or other Ford vehicles.

13) I have access to a Haynes online manual.

14) I checked all fuses especially the cigar lighter and engine management fuses, and swapped relays like for like and most seems ok, tested                            
      fuses for continuity.

15) Able to get into hidden 'Test' menu.  Main DTC codes are D900, E510, 9318, A895, A103, 9681 and PATS key flags 5C.

I don't think it's a big problem to fix, I think once I have communication with the PCM, I can program the keys to the immobilizer
and go from there to get the car to start.

What I could do with is a pinout diagram for the main PCM connector in the engine bay fuse box, and a pinout diagram for each of the
connectors going to the PCM model 7m51-12A650-BCE.  It takes 3 connectors, but none of the manuals can tell me anything about them.

Does anyone know how I can get these?


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The following is a picture of the PCM connector.  There are 3 of these, so I'm looking for the pinouts.  Hope someone can help.

PCM Connector.jpg

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