Steven Roberts

Type of oil ford focus diesel mk2

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Just a quick one before i ho buy oil... what is the type of enginr oil i will need for my diesel 1.6 tdci focus.... 5w 30 ok.


Regards steven

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if for example you look at 5w30 Castrol magnetec (which is £20 special offer for 4 litres in Asda, at least it was a couple of weeks ago, don't know if still is) there are different versions. some have a list of makes on back including Ford and some have a different list of makes on the back which does not include ford. I don't know what the difference is between them or if it actually matters. 

4 litres is enough for 1.6tdci. I think it is 3.85 litres including changing filter.

On my previous fiesta 1.6tdci I changed oil many times as I bought car at 1,600 miles and sold at 146,000 miles. But I ruined the drain plug thread in the sump by doing up too tight. The amount of thread in the sump does not seem that much so it is easy to be too heavy handed. The filter was not easy to get to, might be more room on focus. It is paper element under a plastic cap. I always managed to get a load of oil down front of engine in getting it out. Oil filter has a plastic projection sticking out of bottom of it with a o ring on. make sure you locate this correctly when fitting new filter.  Would have been easier if they had the metal can type filters on. 

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