Fiesta 2014 wiper, sprayer issue

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Hi all, 

I'm having some major issues with my fiesta 2014 model. So the other day my washers stopped working front and rear. The washer bottle Is full and the cable is plugged in, it dosent make any noise even with the bonnet up there is no noise as if to say its pumping but blocked. There is no noise at all.


Then today I got home and my windscreen wipers front and rear would not work either. Just wont turn on at all. 


At the same time when my car is turned on and doors open, the lights on the interior are on and off they stay on for about 10 seconds, then go of again for 1 second and then back on again for 10 seconds and I can hear a clicking in the glove box when it does this.


Also when I turn my wipers on full, it turns the interior lights of. 


Any ideas, to me it sounds like an electrical fault but I have no idea how to narrow it down and cant afford to take it to a garage! 😞


Thanks in advance.

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Check the fuse box for corrosion especially underneath it where the tracks are.

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The fuse box looks ok, we went to a garage and he said it sounded like a sensor or solenoid

He wanted £45 / hour to look at it and had no idea

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