1.5tdci Ford Fiesta 2014

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Hi, looking for some advice I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.5tdci. Recently I have had problems with the car jerking really badly after I put in supermarket fuel from Sainsbury’s after been putting Shell fuel in for months.  It cut out on a roundabout the other day with a notification saying that engine malfunction service required. Cars done 183500 miles. So done a fault code on it then got the fuel line with common pressure sensor replaced as when a fault code was done this was what came up as being wrong with it. But car is still jerking. Seen in another forum post that it could be accelerator pedal any tips on how to diagnose this. Cars never been any problem to myself and Is in good working order & not looking to trade in anytime soon so any tips on how to get rid of jerking would be appreciated also done a fault code and it’s coming back to no fault codes! 

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