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Hi All,

I have a 2008 Ford Focus CC-1 1.6 petrol & the electric window no longer works.  It began a couple of weeks ago with the window motor whirring but the window not moving & I had to 'help' the window to rise/fall with my hands.  The roof mechanism was still working at this point.

Last week I had an altercation with a boulder (I accidentally reversed over one whilst the roof was down & was unable to remove said boulder prior to driving forward) & the window no longer works at all, nor does the roof.  I had to take car to local garage to get rear bumper repaired & roof put up manually.  Now the window is taped up to stop rain getting in (we have a lot of wet stuff in the highlands!), & my local garage has quoted  £494 for parts & labour. They sourced the part directly from Ford at a cost of £384 & said it would take approximately 2 hours to fit.

I've had a look online & some folks say you only need the cable & I've seen the window regulator repair kits on ebay from £6.75 upwards, or plain regulators from £20 upwards to the 100's.  Local garage gave me this part number --> 1699060.

I've had a quote from 1st Choice Spares of £210 for " Window Regulator (Front/Right) Mk2 Right front electric for cabriolet 17/07/06-30/07/10".

My MOT man says I should get the window fixed before figuring out if the electric roof still works & the repairs should be done by a garage as the electrics will need to be charged.

Can anyone kindly advise how I should go about getting the window fixed please?  I feel £500 is a lot of money to pay out & I would like to know if I can get the job done at a lower cost.

Thanks in advance.


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I'd suggest replacing the regulator rather than just the cable, the motor and plastic gear is likely to be worn out now as well as potentially rusty inside as well.  With the Cabriolet's not being as common as hatchbacks the parts are a bit more expensive, but if you put that part number into ebay you can find a good used regulator for £150 - still not cheap but certainly cheaper than brand new.

The repair does not need to be done by a garage, you can do it yourself if you want.  I haven't got much experience with cabriolets but I'm pretty sure the roof won't operate as a safety feature if the window can't be lowered so hopefully fixing the window will also fix the roof.

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Hi Tom, thank you very much for your advice.  I have just purchased the one off ebay & now waiting for it to arrive. 🙂

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