Focus mk2.5 elmconfig mistake

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Please Help Me!
I tried to activate the cruise control and autolock on the car with ELMConfig.   2011 Focus mk2.5  1.6TDCI 90HP
But I made a mistake ..

Just to avoid draining the battery, I put the light switch in the parking position because the light automatically works as a DLR when I switch on the ignition.

First I made a backup of the GEM and HEC modules (unfortunately in parking light position)

I finished programming.
But....If I turn on the car now, everything is fine, but the engine can only be stopped in the parking light position.
What can I do?

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sounds odd,

the parking light position, I don't believe is recorded in software,  if you made back up then that's a start....   but you don't say about the main one you need a back up of.  Its the PCM which is the most critical one to have an unmolested back up off !  this has how the engine runs and the immobiliser settings the others you can work around …. but a screwed PCM ecu and no back up will be more of a headache.

at least it start and stops...    make sure the car is on some form of power supply back up (even a normal battery charger) and make sure the laptop is plugged in the mains and its battery fully charged.  You can't go round just playing with critical software and programming its highly likely things just die and give up.  And then its buy new ECUs and months of fun on ebay before you get the car to run again....  Merc and BM tools will not allow any programming unless its on 14.6 v stable power supply and all others should too.  Without it, the tools have enough brains to just stop progress when you say go....

Make sure you have a good copy of the PCM software it will take 45 minutes !

then go slow retrace steps.... you could go back to the original GEM and HEC settings and see if the car does what it should …. I doubt you'll get much help here in the short term


put vehicle on a charger and re write the original PCM back up to the car..  see where you are, if normal, then ONLY change the tick box for cruise and save that.  Then see where you are.

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