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Jonathan Read

Escort Mk 5 Fuse box

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I'm trying to find a Fuse box for my 1993 Escort 1.6i Lx. I've already bought one from a 94 car, I'm guessing it was from a lower spec model that doesn't work in my car. 

Do I need one that is exactly the same part number or will one from a Ghia model from the same year be compatible? 

Part is, 93AG14A073BAA


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when you say it doesn't work, are you sure it had all relays / fuses in place as your old one? are all plug sockets the same. I would have thought it would work. Is everthing dead or some things work and others do not.

What has caused you to replace it. I know from experience that some Mk5 cars had problems with dodgy soldering in the fuse boxes. Is that what is causing you to replace the fusebox?

If so, have you considered resoldering your existing one.

On one of these cars I had I rewired the electronic ignition unit, the heater fan and the dip headlights to by pass the fusebox to get round the problems. On the other one it was just the electronic ignition unit and the heater fan .


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