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Alloy Wheeld Fitment

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Hey all,

I'm looking at a set of 18inch ST alloys, I'm wondering if they'll fit my mk3 2014 Focus :blink: Apparently they're 5x108 (8Jx18H2 - ET52.5) that means nothing to me :biggrin:


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Th numbers tell you what sizes the wheels are and what they will fit:

 they're 5x108 = the number of wheel studs and the size of the holes - these are standard Ford fittings which also fit Volvo and Jaguar (amongst others)

 8Jx18H2 = the width of the rim 8" and the diameter of the rim 18"

 ET52.5 = the wheel offset in other words how far it sticks out from the hub when fitted and how much clearance there will be on the inside of the wheel arch

You need to know the same information for your car - these numbers are usually found stamped on the back of its wheels

I'm sure there will be plenty of posts on here about what size wheels you have

When you have that information you can enter your existing wheel size and the proposed wheel size on any of the calculators on the web which will tell you wether or not they will fit and what will happen to your offset and effect on the speedometer (the bigger or smaller the wheel circumference affects your speedo accuracy)

I use this site for comparison which gives you figures and a diagram of what the wheels will look like

Hope this info helps and makes sense to you 👍 

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You may also need  steering rack limiter fitted if your standard wheels are only 16/17 inch otherwise you run the risk of rubbing on full lock.

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