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Focus RS for the kids

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Bought our son a Berg Ford Mustang GT much more fun and economical 😅


Also got a Berg Duo chopper for the girls and myself the odd time; great fun 



Bought both in June 2018 at the beginning of there summer holidays from school; gave them the option of going away somewhere for a week or staying at home and getting these go karts; they chose staying at home which cost much the same as a week away in which doing; they would only miss home and there friends anyway so they made the best choice,

Both karts have quickly removable seats for extra security; there over a year old now and never had any issues atall, I'm 6ft 1in and 109kg I can drive the berg duo no problem with the seat in the top position and someone in the passenger seat, 

Our five year old son can drive the same berg duo with the seat in the lowest position no issues, very manoeuvrable can even do doughnuts on full lock, 

Used to play recovery truck with the son; his old berg Buzzy would break down so I'd be the AA recovery truck; pick him up in passenger seat and tow his kart to the garage 😂


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Awesome 👏👏👏👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂   it's just not only our cars that get all the attention, it about how we teach our kids, how we adults go about things, nice one Lenny

The RS in the first pic is the closest thing I'm going to get to getting my dream car ☹️

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