Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2006 EML Light On?

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Hello, the engine management light came on in my car a few days ago. Used Forscan and it was indicating that the eolys fluid needed refilling, along with a few other codes. I have refilled the eolys with 1ltr of fluid and then through Forscan did the following: FACM Refill the Fuel Additive Tank, then followed by: FACM Fuel Additive system Prime. I then tried to FACM Module reset, but it "Service Procedure Not Supported". I also tried to do a DPF Static regeneration but would only go so far before it was interrupted and wouldn't continue. Same happened on the second try. My engine management light is still on. I have cleared the codes on the DTC but this hasn't helped. Have drove it 20+ miles already with no visible problems, but it's making me nervous to drive it. 

Looking at other potential fixes such as oil filter/oil change, Terraclean to clean out the DPF, new Fuel additive module sensor, etc. Just want advice from somebody who knows what they're doing, unlike me 😛

Below is all the codes that are coming up after I had done all the work. Thanks in advance for any help. 


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