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MK2.5 Automatic 4F27E Woes + More

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Hi there friends ! 

Today marks 30 days since buying my awesome GHIA 2.0 Duratec HE Auto Focus 🙂 Coming from a perfect MK1.5, allow me to share some of my observations maybe you can help me solve it if solvable. And if not, at least I will be assured that no fault is there. 


1. Auto "D" mode shifts up and down nicely, but it LOVES to downshift to first after speed bumps and what not, giving me a sportier feeling than I would like for town driving. If I had a manual, I'd keep it in 2nd for 95% of the times this box downshifted to first to give me unpleasant torque. Anything that I can do about it ? Perhaps ELMCONFIG ? I do have a switch scanner.  I have new expensive fluid (Mecron V) and filter... And no fault codes at the scanner level. 

All engine mounts were replaced. 

OEM Gearbox mount under the battery

Febi Germany Hydraulic Mount

Febi Germany Torque mount.


2. If I am not careful with the throttle, from a dead stop, the car will lunge forward and spin the wheels or close to that.  The ammount of throttle that it takes to spin the wheels is significantly lower than the MK1 ! I get used to it slowly but wow ! The MK1.5 is MUCH better in this regard, with it's mechanical throttle. But maybe mine is defective. I did clean it from both sides and made sure it doesn't stick.  Tried to ground the throttle to the chassis, but it didn't do anything. 


Now, I can fix #1 if I drive in MANUAL mode, but I didn't buy an automatic to shift around a 4 speed gearbox ......

Regarding #2... I can live with it if I must but damn, I miss my MK1.5 in this regard. It wasn't as quiet on the road, or comfy, but it was a fine machine to drive. 


Any tips at all.... Much appreciated. 

Thanks ! 


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