Reverse Camera Ground

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Hey all,

I've bought myself all the bits to install a 3rd party reverse camera into my mk3.5 Focus. So far, everything has gone to plan (I think!) 😂 - the camera itself is mounted, the cables are passed through into the tailgate, and I've fed the video/power cable through to the front.

Now, according to at least one video guide on YouTube, the video/power cable also acts as the ground, as it will be fed into a modified harness into the back of my Sync2. There is, however, a ground wire coming off the camera also, so I'm thinking it's probably best to connect this up anyway. My question though, is where is the best place on the tailgate to put it?

The cable is only 1.5m long, so there's probably not enough length to pass it down into the boot proper, so I'm thinking somewhere on the inside of the bootlid would be the best option... anyone who's done this have any suggestions?

Thanks! 😁

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