Focus mk2.5 1.6tdci shuddering on idle

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Hi, wondering if anyone could shed some light on this annoyance / problem.


In the last 4 months our focus has gone through 4 map sensors (only cheap £15 quid ones from eurocarparts) everyone has ended up breaking in half.

On Monday after driving it home from its mot (it passed) but the latest one broke in two, car went into limp mode but worked fine till we could get it back. Had a whole host of errors stored, power steering malfunction kept appearing every few minutes but then disappeared as quick as it came.

This morning carefully went back to local eurocarparts to get a new map sensor (they replaced it for free with a more expensive one). Journey was about a 4 mile round trip but I lost nearly 30 off the cars remaining range.

Plugged new one in and cleared all the faults and everything went away, did a couple of trips starting and stopping this morning and still no fault codes.


BUT now the car idles really rough.. it shudders through the whole car / seats and the engine shakes what feels like a good cm or two backwards and forwards more than I ever remember it previously.

No idea what's causing it but I do know it you turn the steering wheel back and fourth while idle the car stops shaking. Also if you turn on the heated front screen or rear you get a click coming from the glove box and the shuddering stops almost instantly and will stop while the switch is turned on - turn it off and it's back straight away.


I'm at a loss... Any ideas?


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