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Hi all. Not been here for a while as my focus decided it wanted to stop falling apart Haha.. 

The issue I have is my car loses power when hot...

Starting from the top...my petrol 55plate focus 1.6 ti-vct 115ps had a broken thermostat (stuck open) and never reached operating temperature on the temp gauge unless the car was stationary for 10+ mins, but would soon drop as soon as I started moving. Like this the car had power.... out paced my buddy in his 145bhp diesel. If the car was left long enough to heat up I couldn't beat him as the car had a power loss issue. Not massive but noticable!


Few weeks ago thermo started leaking from housing and had to have a new one fitted(electronic thermostat) now the car hits operating temp within 10 mins of being on the road(normal) but still has a power loss problem. Not really bothered me before as it only happend when hot and the car never got hot. Now it gets hot quick Its starting to bother me as joing busy roundabouts or dual carriways the car just seems so hesitant. Anyway coming home the other day it threw the EML on. Popped on code reader and came up p000a (cam a bank 1 slow response) done some googling and asked a mechanic what I can do to sort this and he said try a new sensor 1st as it's the cheapest option. Done this. Put new sensor in on Tuesday and since then the car is how it is when hot. Very loud when accelerating and no power.. well there is power but takes ages to get the car going. This morning the EML came back on and this time its reading a fault code p0341 (camshaft position sensor A circuit range/performance Bank 1 or single sensor) the easiet way to solve the issue is to remove the thermostat so it constantly over cools like before but the thermostat is fixed into the housing so I can remove it and I cant unplug it as then it wont recieve any info from the car and potentially wont open causing the car to over heat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It's hard to try and explain as much as possible without being a mech. I've tried describing it the best way I can if I've not made anything clear or have caused confusion anywhere please let me know and i will try explain it better. Might be easier trying to solve it by doing a question and answer sort of thing but I'll leave you knowledgable lot bend your mind round this for me! Thanks again


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If it helps my obd reader can do a live run and record the journey and engine parameters/stats but it might aswell be in hieroglyphics because they dont make any sense to me Haha...also my timing is showing up as +45 when cruising/idleing is this normal?

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Here's a few pics that might help explain what's going on. My ignition advance is all the place but that might be normal I just dont no what I'm looking at and really cant afford dealership prices at £96+vat per hour labour






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