Ford Focus Mk1 Economic Write-off - Advice Wanted

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I own a 2003 Ford Focus that is getting more expensive to maintain, it has numerous electrical problems and recently the catalytic converter fell off the back of the car while driving on the motorway. It seems like the car is only going to have more and more problems as it gets older. It's a shame as I've had it for over 2 years and it's been a good car for the most part, but I'm just wondering if it's time to either scrap it or break it down and sell it for parts, or if there's some ford focus enthusiast out there who can take this car off my hands and give it a new life as a banger racer or something?

Don't know if this too far fetched to post on here or if there's a specific forum for this kind of thing, only just made this account today to ask this question pretty much, any feedback would be helpful.

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