2010 1.6 TDCI engine woes

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We have had a bit of a disaster with my sons focus 1.6 tdci.

His alternator packed up a few months ago and was replaced by one of his mates. 

Fast forward to last week. 

He came home and told me some lights on his dash were lit and the car was making a funny noise.

I opened the bonnet and noticed the aux drive belt off. What i did not expect to find was the alternator had sheared the mounting bracket in half and was just hanging there!

Looks like the lower bolt was never in tight as i can see the hole is elongated.

Replaced the bracket and alternator mounting hardware which was missing and fired it up with no problems. 

After a quick test drive and look under the bonnet to check everything we noticed the coolant had gone!

The expansion tank is coated inside in black soot and the water has gone out of the relief valve.

I am suspecting the alternator bracket shearing off may have cracked the head and we are seeing exhaust gases?

Not really sure how to troubleshoot further, any suggestions?




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