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C-Max replacement battery...


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I need a new battery. Apparently I need a 'Silver Calcium'one for my 2008 facelift C-Max (1.6 petrol, manual).

The original Ford battery is a pathetic 43AH/390A. The Varta batteries in the link below are substantial more: 60/540 and 61/600. OK to put one of these in my C-max?

Also, are the Vartas Silver Calcium?



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This is my experience of sourcing a replacement battery for a Ford C Max 1.6 TDCI 15 plate, DXA 85kW T1DA1J.

The OEM battery is a VARTA Silver Calcium 80Ah 700A, Ford P/N 8G9N-10655-PA in a UK 110 size format.

Some of the car web sites where you type in the car registration incorrectly bring up a 100 size battery, or a EFB (Enhanced Flooded) type.

I ended up going for a Varta F18 Silver Dynamic 85Ah 800A for £83.73 inc VAT from batterygroup.co.uk. There is also a Varta F17 Blue Dynamic 80Ah 740A.

This site https://carbatteryworld.com/review/varta-silver-dynamic/ says "The VARTA Silver Dynamic series is a battery manufactured using traditional, calcium-based technology, using the silver alloying method. By adding silver to the alloy, it is possible to achieve a significant increase in life (by about 20%), and also to increase the starting current by a third in comparison with conventional antimony batteries. A well-known minus of calcium technology is low resistance to discharge-charge cycles. That is, it is enough to put such a battery completely 3-5 times, and it will be extremely difficult to restore it. Otherwise VARTA Silver Dynamic is not much different from other batteries with liquid electrolyte. In particular, their price remains acceptable. This is an excellent option for picking cars of small and middle class.", so in theory should be equivalent to the OEM silver calcium with enhanced 14.8V charging voltage.

The picture shows the original and new batteries. Note that the original still has one of the transit vent plugs still fitted (yellow on new battery)!

The replacement isn't that easy to fit and requires removing the air filter. I would seriously consider buying from somewhere that has a free fitting service next time, such as the B110E Platinum Prestige from National Tyres which is available for £98.55 with 10% voucher, and includes fitting. I am not sure if this is a silver calcium type though.

I hope this helps someone.


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@Forduzer You mention that you put a bigger battery in the car, however, having just looked at my battery bay, yes the longer battery would fit, but it seems that the negative cable would possibly need exchanging for a longer one. Did you replace your negative cable for a longer one? 
I like my Cmax and have had it for 11 years now, and like many, the only problem I get is the flat battery. No matter what forum I've been on and regardless of the number of new batteries I have put in my car, the flat battery is still an issue. I am wondering if the Varta F18 Silver Dynamic 85Ah 800A would help matters.  Yes I have a jump pack and am OK with having to jump the car, but if a bigger battery would help, I'd sooner spend that money and get one.

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I hope @darbs you're not expecting any kind of response from Forduzer who only ever made one post and was last seen on the forum 14th March 2020.

If you have a question start a new thread with as many details of your problem.

Ford - Batteries 2010.pdf

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