1.4TDCi timing belt replacement costs?

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Morning all

I got my car in Jan on an 11 plate with 19500 miles on it, one elderly owner from new (only did 1900 miles one year) as i've a large daily commute i'm up to 28K already, i've been thinking i should probably get the timing belt done as regardless of the mileage on its, its still and 8 yo car.

Anyone got a cost or recent quote for this work and should i get anything else done while its in??




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The Ford interval for these is 112k or 10 years.  You are of course welcome to change it sooner for your own peace of mind.

I'd recommend the full belt kit, plus water pump, coolant and auxiliary belt.  Rough estimate, £350 all in at an independent garage.

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I have no idea what it would cost.

I can say it is a relatively simple job by modern standards of timing belts, at least a lot easier than it is on the petrol engines in fiestas. I mention that in case someone you know tells you how much theirs cost. Yours should be cheaper than a petrol one.

If you do change the water pump at the same time make sure it is a good quality one as if you put a cheap one in there it may well fail sooner than the original one would have done.

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