2010 ford focus front wiper problem

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I've tried looking through the forums for a similar issue I'm experiencing with my ford focus.

Today I attempted to turn on the front wipers (stalk up one position) I heard a tick noise from the passenger fuse box but the Wiper Blades did not move. I then moved the stalk up to the top position and the Wiper Blades moved fast as would expect, as soon as I moved the stalk back down a position the Wiper Blades stopped immediately in the position they were in. 

I have check the fuse box (129) and this looks to be fine. I assume the wiper motor is fine as it moves when put into top position (fastest) ? 

Please can anybody advise if you have had similar issues and if a fix has been identified.

I appreciate anyones help and advise on this as I'm no mechanically minded but on a tight budget to have someone repair it. Many thanks in advance


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