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Hi everyone, hoping someone can throw some advice my way.

Today, my son 'yanked' on my already looseining boot handle on my MK2.5 (2008) and my boot was beautifully reliived of the handle and the strip that holds it, aka, it all came right off, barring the wires holding the lock switch and lights onto the strip.

Anyway, I have stuck it back for now with some gorilla tape, and am considering just getting a replacement, however, it looks like the previous owner has already glued it back on, and looks like some of the mount points have previously broken somehow (though to be fair I have no idea what I am looking for/at).

So, my questions, if I order a replacement, do I need to order some fittings too? What are they called, these parts and fittings? Where do I buy/find them? I also noticed a few rubber parts, these where damaged, so I assume I need to replace these? I assume I can get some of this stuff from Ford but figure that may be a bit pricey, and figure I can get some of it from eBay, but am not really sure what I am looking for.

Finally, does anyone have a guide and/or directions to a guide which shows how to replace the part?

Any thoughts and advice most welcome.

Thanks in advance to everyone...


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The bolts on the tail gate handle are moulded in to the plastic of the panel and very brittle indeed,

See my guide on installing a reverse camera for reference on changing your existing unit, 

I recommend counting the nut rotation for fitting as; if too tight it will pull the nut through the plastic 


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