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Show Us Your First Cars!

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No piccies of my own but this was my first car, Datsun Cherry 100a:


Oooh the memories of vinyl seats and constant adjustment of the points on the dizzy as every couple of months they would close up and it wouldn't start lol.

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:o avantimes!!! I love them :wub:

They're great motors! I'll try and find some pics of mine...

Here was the last car before the Fez... still a bit sad about changing it, but as unleaded is nearly £1.20 a litre (and I used to feed it super unleaded!) maybe not too much ;)




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Well here's my first car...


The owners live about 5-10 minutes from my parent's house and I've seen it on the road once before.

and just because it might feel left out, here's my second car which I had before getting the mk7 :)


This car is now in Blackburn (hopefully I might spot it when I go up for my next trip to Ewood Park :D )

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Thought I'd add to this post as well - seems to be quite a popular one!

This is the first car I drove, although I was only about 15 at the time and Dad let my brother and I drive it in a dis-used airfield a few times. This photo was taken a few years later though, just before it went to the scrap yard!

1993 Nissan Micra,


I then learnt to drive in my Dad's 1998, T-reg Mazda 323f Shiraz. This car no longer exists as well as we traded it in September using the scrappage deal.



My first car was a Vauxhall Corsa Comfort (1 litre) which I got in 2006 for my 18th Birthday.



18 months later (January 2008), I upgraded it for a 2004 Vauxhall Corsa SXi



Then, in November 2009, I replaced my Corsa with my MK7 Fiesta Zetec-S




Up until about a month ago, I still had all 3 cars parked outside our house as my first car became my brother's and then my second car was sat in the drive over the Christmas period until I advertised it when the snow started to clear in February.

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Note: Images used off the net since I did not have any of my own :P

My 1st car

95 Fiat Punto SX


My 2nd and Current Car

07 Ford Fesita Zetec


Hopefully By Monday ;)

59 Ford Fiesta Titanium


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My 1st car still not finished rebuilding the it :)


Is that a Triumph Spitfire? It looks as if it is - I recently drove 800 miles (round trip) so that a friend could collect one last month, except his looks in much better condition than that does at the moment! haha

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I'm getting more and more jealous now :( !!!

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Ka 2 Blue - 29/10/2000 - 23/01/2004


Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCI (The best photo I have of it) not repaired! - 26/01/2004 - 18/11/2006


Fiesta Zetec 1.4 TDCI - 04/01/2007 - 27/11/2008

To Current!

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Yeah its a triumph spitfire only set me back £400 to buy. Darent add up the total cost of getting it to the state its in in that picture :)

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I wanted to have the new Fiesta, but Ford wouldn't let me have one. In my despair as many people do when they can't get the one they love, I slept around a bit... :ph34r:

Pre New Fiesta Trauma:


Post Fiesta Trauma:









And I still want the new Fiesta! :angry:

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I really didn't like the Seat. Looked lovely, but was an awful thing to drive. The interior rattled all the time around corners, the rear seats fell out when you folded them down and the ride was awful.

Looked lovely though!

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Have you bought all these cars and just swapped and changed then?!

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My first car was a 1990 G reg Ford Fiesta LX 1.1 in metallic blue. That was converted to a fiesta si replica having fitted the full body kit and wing backed seats etc! The car was such a pile of rust that it had to be scrapped. Best engine I have ever had in a car...no matter what i put in it, no matter how hard I tried the engine was indestructible!!

Then i bought my dads low mileage Mondeo LX and went to town with that thanks to a new credit card! lol! That was a full ST200 replica even down to the blue dials and carbon trim. Engine was tuned and had viper induction, twin exit s/s janspeed etc etc. I still miss that car now but it had to go as i was silly and managed to get myself a 12month ban.

I then had a cheap Rover 414 from a mate then was into MG Rover for a while, owning a Rover 45/MGZS replica and then an MGZR which was my girlfriends first car.

We now have the fiesta mk6 and love it!!! Well, we will love it when ford diagnose our lack of power problem!

Only got a picture from the mondeo onwards so here they are!:





And finally the fiesta!:




Hopefully the fiesta will be with us for some time as the mileage was soooooooooooo low at only 13k for a 2004 car!

Mark :)

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