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Mk 8 - Steering Wheel Locks Warning

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Just a caution when using a supplementary steering wheel lock. I went on holiday about 10 days ago and, as usual when leaving the car for a protracted period, put on my old-fashioned "Krooklock" type steering/wheel pedal lock. Whether because I put it on a bit too tight (I was in a rush), or because I've never left it this long before I don't know, but when I removed the lock and used the car for the first time yesterday I found a deep groove in the steering wheel rim.

Several of us have commented on the rather "squishy" rim on the Mk 8, so this confirms you need to be careful when using locks. I am hoping it will recover it's shape in time - it does seem a bit better today, so fingers crossed!

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Phew! So after a couple of days of hot sun shining on the wheel it seems to have recovered it's shape.

On 9/12/2019 at 3:28 PM, Bobr said:

Thanks for the warning

I think it would be less of an issue on the Mk 7.5 Bob, I think the rim is firmer than on the Mk 8 which seems to me a lot softer and more vulnerable.

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