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Sync 2 or 3???


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16 hours ago, AU10L00 said:

How do you tell if you have Sync 2 or Sync 3 headunit?


Ive not got the manual for the car yet...


Focus  67reg.

Thanks in advance

Do you know the manufacturing build date of the car ? 

 If it's October 2016 of later it should be Sync 3, and it's easy to spot because the versions look different, with Sync 3 having icons in a line along the bottom of the display to select the different functions, such as "Apps", which Sync 2 doesn't.

Unfortunately there can be a big difference between when a car is built, which determines spec,  and when its first registered.  


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Would Sync version come up on ETIS?

You can run the VIN of the car on the ETIS website to list the spec. You can also do this by reg number by following this method:


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