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Hello all firstly thank you for the add 👍. Secondly I am after some advice, i recently bought a 02 plate focus auto box (i know i may get some hate about that 🤣🤣) but after around 10 mins of driving or if I'm sitting in traffic the engine just cuts out. A mechanic friend has cleaned the throttle body, changed the mass air flow sensor and have fitted a new air filter which did seem to work for around a day but sadly has started cutting out again (not good when going round a busy roundabout) when we changed the parts the revs sat at over 1000 on idle but has now gone under the 1000 revs, I am asking if this has happened to anybody else or if you have any ideas what could be causing it to cut out, all help is appreciated. Sorry for the log winded post

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Compression Check

New Fuel Filter and for sludge in tank, could have a blockage.

New Plugs

New HT Leads

New Coil Pack

Torque Converter Low Fluid

Transmission Low, Poor, Wrong Fluid

HEGO sensor fault

Crank Position Sensor fault

Transmission selector switch (so the car knows what gear you've selected)

Speed Sensor switch (does the speedo work OK?)

Are there any fault codes??


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