Fiesta MK7.5 cheap, non-performance mods

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I have a 2015 Fiesta, 1.25L Zetec in Frozen White. This thread will document some cheap modifications that I will be doing to it to transform it from a stock Fiesta into something with at least a little character.

There's not much I can do performance-wise, partly for insurance purposes and partly because it's only 82bhp, and I feel like it wouldn't be worth my time and effort - it's never going to be fast

I've got a few ideas already, mainly bumper/skirt upgrades as the stock Fiesta (non-ecoboost, non-ST etc.) bodykit is, in my opinion, no where near aggresive enough for a Fiesta. This does pose some issues, however, as I don't want it to look like I'm trying to make it look like an ST, ecoboost etc. (I won't be adding an ST/S/ecoboost badge for example), but they are more aggresive-looking and the parts are available to me, so it will ultimately end up looking closer to one of the above.

I will be documenting each thing I do, with information around where it's from and how much it cost etc.

I'm currently waiting on some HEKO wind deflectors to be delivered, they were £29.45 from eBay, and I'll post a picture once they're on the car.


She's called Felicia, by the way!

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The first little upgrade I do on my car's is upgrade the lights around to LED. Autobeam are the best especially their performance range bulbs

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