ford focus mk2 05 nocking noise help

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hi there i can  hear a nock noise sounds like its from the front end on my ford focus mk2 05 plate had both wish bones replaced both drop links new shocker fitted new strut top done new discs new pads . had it to garage and they cant make out were the noise is coming from I thought may be driveshaft but the say theres no play at all on them. mount on gear box seems fine they said . don't no were its coming from . when you drop a gear you hear the nock are 3 point turn forward and back you hear it . I was thinking maybe a engine mount .any one any idears thanks

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Are you sure it's defo the front? Noise can travel through the body and seem like it's the front. After my control arms what went next was the exhaust mount underneath the gearstick area then the rear trailing arms (bananas) which do sound like front and then the rear backbox mount if that's any help.

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