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Engine noise Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI 2009

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ive been getting a ticking noise coming from my engine for the past 6 days. It’s intermittent and I can’t seem to force the noise. I thought it was happening more often with the morning engine starts as I was more likely to hear it at the start of the day then when I started the engine at the end of the day but it’s started making the noise at any time now.

The noise can happen a second or 2 after I accelerate and let off the peddle  it ticks like a fan catching type noise for a second or 2 and then stop and goes back to idling normal  

it was only serviced last month and has done 45k miles. It has never had any real work done on it other than services

I’ve been unable to get a video of the tapping noise but when I turned the engine off today after a short drive it continued making a strange noise. I lifted the bonnet started the engine and stopped it and it did the same thing so I videoed it

any help is appreciated  


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Not an expert by any means, but if you mean that semi regular latching noise, sounds like some sort of relay or actuator engaging and disengaging.

Its not a noise in time with the rpm of the engine you mean?

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