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Hi guys,


recently bought a brand new fiesta st line 100 EcoBoost 1.0 and pick it up soon. I’ve been told about the east fuel system which they have.

When you lock the car, does the fuel tank cap lock as well?

if not, what if some vandals come along to try and syphen (not sure how to spell) or put foreign objects down into my fuel tank: as the fuel cap won’t lock!

is this not an extremely bad design if not?& also, if it’s the case of “no it doesn’t lock”, can you buy fuel cap locks for it. If so, what locks would I be looking at?


thank you 


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Hi Richard,

The filler flap doesn't lock when locking the car. To get something into/out of the tank you would need the special funnel (which should have come with your car) and is used to open the mechanism and fill from a can if necessary. These are easily obtainable as spares, so yes, possible in theory to do as you describe.

That said, I've had several cars with Easyfuel over the years with no issues and personally I like it for the convenience when fueling. The only time I've had fuel stolen in nearly 50 years of driving is when they took the whole car and the fuel in it!😀


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where I live they don't syphon the fuel out they just cut the fuel pipe under the car or knock a nail in the tank , it's cheaper to let them syphon the fuel.

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