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Engine revs on its own

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Hello everyone. This is my first post so just like to say hi, and see if anyone has had the same issue with their Ranger?

I purchased a 2016 Ranger 2.2 Limited second hand about 4 months ago. When I test drove the truck all was okay. After about a month later, I started to notice a strange thing happening with the revs on the engine. The issue doesn't  always happen, but happens enough to want me to try and resolve it.

The truck is a manual, and the issue only happens when changing between 2nd & 3rd gear, but like I said doesn't happen every time.

When accelerating as normal road speed (not hard acceleration) changing from 2nd to 3rd, approx. between 1000 - 2000rpm, the engine revs continue to climb up to 3000rpm with my foot completely off the accelerator, and hang at 3000rpm for about a 1.5 to 2 seconds. The revs then start to descend, but at a slow pace.

Over the time I've had the truck, I've manged to work out a way of stopping the revs from climbing by lightly pressing the brake pedal, not hard but just enough to operate the rear lights.

Ive taken it to a main Ford dealer, who could find any fault codes or had any history of this happening to another Ranger. Ive only seen this same issue with another range owner who posted a short video on YouTube.

Anyone on here had or heard of the same issue? Any help appreciated. 

One more thing, does the 2016 Ranger suffer from the engine oil pump failure, or would it have been rectified by that year?

Thanks Roy


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