2013 focus zetec rear bumper/valance help

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Hi all, came across this site looking for info, sorry if this has been asked before! (Or in the completely wrong topic thread, delete if required)

Anyway, I've recently bought a 2013 63 focus zetec 1.0 ecoboost 125 and I love it. However it just looks abit, say, boring from the rear. The car I bought was in excellent condition compared to the zetec s I viewed, so went with the zetec. However I'd like to fit a bumper/valance to the rear to make it look abit better.


The one I've found on eBay states the fitment is for 2015 onwards, so my question is would this fit mine? Apologies if the answer is obvious, I'm not really clued up on cars & styling, I literally get in and drive from a to b! 


I've attached pics of my car & a screenshot from eBay too. The item from eBay is in the same colour as my car so would save on spraying etc. Or if anyone could point me in the direction of one that would fit it would be much appreciated!

Many thanks, Tom


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Had to upload the eBay item through a comment as if reached the 2mb upload limit, but here it is;


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The reflectors are positioned differently.
Also a full bumper graft won't fit as the rear lights are a different shape.

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