water in the engine head

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I've had my car in the garage once as where the spark plugs go in (engine head?) there was water, adn when I popped the rubber bit from the spark plug and looked in, there was water in there too. The garage changed the plug and replaced a washer on the water jet in case water was leaking in that, but last night just to check, I opened the bonnet and water seems to be pooling again at the top, and when I looked up at the bonnet there did seem to be some drips.




video of the inside: https://novascore.io/111/20190930_205531.mp4

I don't really know what to do, can I just put a cover over the top of the spark plug bit (engine head?)?

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9 minutes ago, eddie eastwood said:


you beast, that part isn't available on their site anymore but I'll have a google/ebay around and see what I can find, thank you

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found it on the ebays, cheers top dog

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