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Confused by the MK8 Sat Nav

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Was playing around with my new MK 8 ST-Line X sat nav today.

Thought I'd try the voice recognition to set a destination to a Garden Centre about 7 miles away.

Managed to program it by speaking the Postcode no problems. However, when I stopped in the car park the sat nav was still trying to get me to go another 1/2  mile up the road.

Fine 'I thought', it probably just uses some central point related to that postcode. When I came back to car I tried to use the voice recognition to program my next destination.

But I couldn't get it to stop trying to take me the 1/2 mile further that I didn't complete on the previous route.

I tried the voice commands, for Cancel route and reroute but both of them gave me voice and screen prompts to enter another point in the same town.

I was trying to set a route to a completely different town 15 miles away but it wouldn't let me.

I then used the screen Icons to select cancel current route (a big red cross) and then re enter the new route but it doesn't give me the options as before. Anyone know how to cancel the previous journey if you didn't complete it to the sat navs satisfaction apart from actually driving to the point it was trying to take me.

Also I now have a split screen sat nav display with the map on the left half and the directions arrows on the right half, I can't find any way of getting it to go back to the full screen map?

The owners manual seems to be no help on this.

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Not sure about the not being able to cancel a route, but to get back to full screen navigation just press the smaller nav screen. 

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