Ford Focus 2007 diesel starting issue

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Some time car starts perfect, sometimes a looks good when it is in the on position, but when i turn to start nothing. absolutely nothing. no cranking or anything.

I have :

brought to ford...diagnostics say it is fine

brought a new battery

changed the fuel filter

tried both keys

done a work around where i hotwire the car, and it has the same issue, sometime works sometime doesnt, so i think it is not the key or key chamber.

When it doesnt start it wont start for several mintues, or even a day, and then it starts fine, with no changes.

It was suggested it might be the dash electronics, but only because one mechanic thumped and that worked.

I fear i am going to have to bin the car.

please help.

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They are known for faulty soldering on the connector on back of speedo cluster. Think it is 32 pin. Cluster is easy to remove. Less easy is the dismantling of get to correct side of circuit board you need to remove the needles off the gauges. YouTube videos show how. Quite delicate soldering needed. Less than 5 minute job to solder once dismantled. Take you circuit board to mobile phone repair shop perhaps if you can’t do it

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Thanks for that, would it result in the sometime starts some time nothing fault i am having?

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