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Very high mileage on motorway , should be much lower.

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Hey I have a Focus Mk2 2.0TDCi and my usual fuel consumption on the highway is around 6.0l-6.5l/100km. Thats around 13km on the highway then 3-5km city. Which is my usual route. But recently my fuel consumption went to around 7.3l-7.7l/100km. On the exact same route. I drive around 2k rpm on 6th gear, around 120km/h which is usually the optimal speed for good fuel cons.
Temps outside : 5C-12C
I usually warm up my engine within 3-5minutes of driving because the motorway is really close to my house.
I should be getting around 5.5l - 6.0l /100km, but im getting around 7.5l/100km which is just way too high.
Normal driving(non motorway) on 4th gear, is when it definitely goes down but its still higher than usual. The biggest issue is on the motor way.

Any idea why it could have gone up like this ? I have done nothing different, no part replacements or anything. If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.

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