Ford focus power steering pump

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I'm looking for advice on changing my power steering pump on my Ford Focus 1.6 petrol 2007,

I have done quite a bit of searching but I'm not able to locate a guide on how to do this, there probably is lots out there but I cant seem to find one.

So here's what has happened, last week I started up my car and there was alot of noise coming from the engine bay, I looked under the bonnet and the power steering fluid was foaming and over flowing out of the reservoir. Anyway after alot of searching online I discovered that it was most likely the high pressure hose that had developed a leak and this was causing it to draw in air. Today I have spent a few hours changing this however after finishing and topping the fluid back up, turning the steering wheel side to side to push out any air ect, i looked under the car and I could see it was leaking from the pump or so I seems, and the pump was making a grinding sound.

I have a couple of questions I'd be grateful for any tips/advice -

Are any special tools required to remove the power steering pump?

What's the chances of re-using the new high pressure hose, I ask because I had to snap off the old 1 to get it off the pump with a 18mm socket.

Would you say it was an easy job to do?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any help would be appreciated.

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